The tour’s specialty

[1]Immerse Yourself in the Whole Culture of the Region

Based on our experiences traveling across overseas and all 47 prefectures in Japan, we propose tours that allow you to fully experience the unique culture exclusive to each region. These tours delve into the specific culture passed down through generations in the region, covering history, geography, and traditional events. Participants can immerse themselves in the region, enjoying the distinct culture with all their senses.

[2]Delight in the Depth of Japanese Culture through In-depth Themes

Our tours are not designed for first-time visitors to Japan but cater to those who want to explore and learn about the deeper aspects of Japanese culture. Instead of broad themes, our tours focus on rather niche and enthusiast-oriented topics. We offer the chance to discover and appreciate the captivating local Japanese culture that becomes more enticing the more you learn about it.

The craftsmanship of Cooking experience

[1]Promote Holistic Health with Naturally Fermented Condiments

Drawing on experiences visiting over 100 producers of naturally fermented condiments nationwide, we emphasize that each handmade condiment possesses unique characteristics in terms of aroma and flavor. Fermented foods in Japan typically rely on the fundamental “koji mold,” which is even designated as a national fungus. To convey its allure, we guide participants to taste and experience locally produced condiments as well as those from various regions through tasting sessions and cooking classes.

[2]Locally Sourced and Consumed with Fresh Agricultural Produce

Adopting the philosophy of consuming locally produced agricultural products on-site to revitalize the region, our approach is to consume agricultural products produced by local farmers in the same area. Participants not only enjoy freshness but also savor the distinct flavors of different agricultural products influenced by the region’s unique water, soil, microorganisms, and terrain.

[3]Deepen Your Knowledge with Evidence-based Workshops

Every experiential tour we offer includes a cooking experience, and to enhance your understanding of Japanese cuisine, we conduct workshops before the cooking session. Our themed workshop, “Promoting Holistic Health through Japanese Cuisine Life,” is comprised of topics spanning food, nutrition, culinary culture, brewing, agriculture, preventive medicine, and preventive beauty. The content is backed by reliable information supported by over 20,000 domestic and international research papers.

Local departure/arrival tour

Japanese cooking exprience

Mastering the Use of Vinegar: Creating a Japanese Menu to Highlight the Allure of Vinegar/10:45〜12:45
11,000JPY (TAX included)
Making tako tako character bento/12:30〜14:30
11,000JPY (TAX included)

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